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90 DAY FIANCE 90 Day Fiance: What Does Shekinah Garner Do For A Living? Shocking Net Worth Revealed!

Shekinah Garner became popular as a 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 5 cast member. She appeared on the show with her Turkish beau, Sarper Guven. After years of attracting men with red flags in her life, she finally found him, but her friends are still not convinced that he is the right guy for her.

The reality TV starlet has been gaining immense popularity because of her flawless skin and toned physique. Shekinah’s deluxe lifestyle has made fans interested in knowing her profession as well as her net worth. Well, read further to know more!

90 Day Fiance: How Does Shekinah Make Money?

Shekinah Garner from 90 Day Fiance is a stunning forty-one-year-old lady who looks nowhere close to her real age. She is a famous cosmetologist from Los Angeles, California. She was raised in an Amish family, but she somehow managed to change her parents’ perception of their lifestyle.

Garner then moved to California in the spring of 2022 to study at the Federico College of Beauty. A year later, she became a certified aesthetician and has since been running a successful business as a licensed professional for over two decades.

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Shekinah’s excellent work ethic and expertise have resulted in the declaration for offering one of the best derma planning and oil planning in L.A. She decided to open her skincare studio during the Pandemic.

The 90 Day Fiance star has since been providing services like ‘skin tightening, pore refining, textural resurfacing, tone enhancement, collagen induction and optimal health of the epidermis.’

Besides working as an aesthetician, Shekinah also provides online and offline master classes to future aestheticians. Additionally, she is also an ambassador for Zemits Official, as per her Instagram profile. Here, she uploads posts related to her work. She seldom co-hosts various events in and around Los Angeles.

90 day Fiance: Shekinah Garner’s Net Worth Revealed!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way starlet Shekinah Garner achieved financial stability in her early twenties. She has since been reaching professional heights and living a deluxe life. An average cosmetologist in Los Angeles earns nearly $20.76 per hour.

But the reality TV starlet is certain to earn more than that, considering her professionalism and experience. Garner also offers a masterclass for future aestheticians for $120.

90 Day Fiance

Working for TLC’s most popular franchise, 90 Day Fiance, has also added up to Shekinah’s earnings. She is expected to receive somewhere between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 per episode. Additionally, she has her hands spread in a couple of other ventures that also open the extra flow of money in her life.

Thus, Shekinah Garner’s net worth sums up to $400K as of June 30, 2023. She is currently being featured in the reality show beside her Turkish partner, Sarper.

Well, they fell in love merely a few days after they went on their first date. But she seems to have started seeing red flags after she moved to Istanbul on the show. What do you think of their chemistry? Sound off in the comment section below.

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