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90 Day Fiancé: 8 Signs Jovi Dufren’s Turning Into A Monster

90 Day Fiancé star Jovi Dufren has much in common with film and literature's most menacing "killer clowns." Is his playful grin hiding a dark side?

  •  Jovi Dufren’s unpredictable behavior’s damaging his relationship with Yara Zaya.
  •  Jovi’s party-boy lifestyle and chaotic ways call to mind “killer clowns” like Pennywise and The Joker. Under Jovi’s sunny facade, there’s menace.
  •  Yara’s emotional wounds are real, and they’re the result of Jovi’s flirtations with strippers. Can she really forgive him for everything he’s done?

90 Day Fiancé star Jovi Dufren seems like a lovable clown, but his flaws are turning him into a monster. In cinema and literature, “killer clowns” like Pennywise from Stephen King’s It (or The Joker and his henchmen) wreak havoc. While they do, the smiles rarely leave their faces. Like them, Jovi seems sunny enough, but under that toothy grin, there’s more than a touch of menace.

Whether the 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1 star’s at a strip club or playing the family man, there’s always some sleight of hand. When he reaches deep into his bag of tricks, it’s hard to predict what will happen next. That’s why his relationship with Yara Zaya has so many twists and turns. While she’s often charmed by her boyish mate, she’s been burned by the man who loves to frolic with his posse. Like the Joker, Jovi’s all about high energy mayhem. Reality TV show star Jovi’s appetite for destruction has drawn blood. It’s left Yara in tears.

8Is Jovi Dufren A Shape-Shifter Like Pennywise? (He Turns On A Dime)

While 90 Day Fiancé‘s Jovi Dufren‘s unable to morph into any physical form, as Pennywise the Dancing Clown can, the 90DF icon’s a very deceptive individual. Jovi never lurked in a storm grate, waiting to trick a boy and rip his arm off. However, he’s known for personality shifts that really hurt his wife. Like an insane clown in an amusement park bumper car, Jovi’s all about the wild ride. His 180s are legendary, such as when he made a big show out of maturing after becoming a father.

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For a while, it seemed like he really changed. He went out of his way to honor his wife and child at Instagram. He appeared to be present as a husband and father. Earlier, in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6, he was out of control.

The party boy Jovi was grappling with true adulthood, and he was chafing at the restrictions. However, his heart surely melted when he held his daughter Mylah for the first time. That kind of overpowering and unconditional love’s life-changing. Nonetheless, the “mature” Jovi slid back into his “models and bottles” lifestyle. When he felt trapped in the house with Yara, he lashed out:

“I mean, I miss the old Yara. You were fun. Don’t get me wrong, you’re being a good mom but at the same time, like, you’re not fun. … I know we need to do it to fix our relationship. We need to have just one good weekend where we can go out and have fun, and stay up past seven o’clock at night. I want this life, but at the same time, you need to stop being a crazy mom and thinking that you can’t leave your baby.”

Yara did have some rules that were tough for Jovi and his relatives to follow. In Jovi’s defense, Yara made it hard for her nearest and dearest to enjoy life after Mylah arrived. For example, she invited Jovi’s mom over, but wanted the woman out of her home at a ridiculously early hour, so Mylah’s sleep schedule could be maintained. Gwen Eynard spent a long time behind the wheel before she got to Jovi and Yara’s home. She should have been welcome to spend the night if she wanted to.

Nonetheless, Jovi has a lot to apologize for. His party energy never fades, but it’s not harmless. So many times, Yara’s been emotionally wounded by her wayward partner. He’s got some significant weaknesses that keep fraying their relationship.

7 “Why So Serious?” – Jovi Channels The Joker WIth A Lighthearted Persona

The actors that portrayed The Joker took their roles seriously, as per ScreenRant at YouTube. However, they knew that a certain lighthearted quality was needed. The Joker’s an intoxicating blend of shadow and sunlight. His reckless forays into evil always have comedic twists. Whether he’s showing off the terrifying effects of Smylex or acting deranged in a nurse’s dress, he’s putting on one hell of a show. Often, the horrible things The Joker does mesmerize precisely because the villain acts so silly. The Joker’s unique brand of gore theater features a touch of corny Las Vegas kitsch that’s totally irresistible. It creates a contrast that’s stark, dramatic and hypnotic.

While Jovi’s not bloodthirsty like The Joker, he loves to get a rise of out of fans. In a Jokeresque fashion, he riles up his haters. For example, Jovi’s not shy about posing with cocktails in hand, even though he knows full well that people look down on him for loving booze. When he does grin while holding an alcoholic beverage, he’s passively-aggressively leaning into the villain role. The Joker’s obviously more overt (to put it mildly), but both are into bold defiance with a wink.

Jovi’s really puts himself out there onscreen, flaunting character defects that a lot of people might hide. He seems to enjoy shocking others.

6 In 2021, Jovi Was Caught With Another Woman

Jovi’s done many awful things, but one of them really stands out. In 2021, Yara was likely extremely upset when evidence surfaced online that Jovi had been partying with another woman. Before that, she could gloss over his sins. She’d get mad, but didn’t have proof positive that he was a true dirtbag.

In 2021, the monster-in-training began to act out on a more outrageous level. He was seen with a mystery brunette on Instagram. Of course, his antics were fueled by alcohol. This time, he was highfalutin, with a glass of champagne in hand. What was really damning was the fact that he was doing this mere hours before he planned to marry Yara. His The Hangover-style excesses didn’t go unnoticed. Naturally, the female in question was an exotic dancer.

Since he posed with a stripper and booze hours before boarding a flight for Sin City, where he would tie the knot, the red flags were waving in the breeze. Only The Joker could be more tasteless and brazen. Jovi was giving Batman’s nemesis a run for his money. While bachelor party hijinks are often forgivable, and Jovi was at his bachelor party, there’s one big issue. For Jovi, posing with exotic dancers and boozy drinks isn’t a “sometimes” thing – it’s his MO.

In 2023, another Jovi cheating rumor surfaced, showing that this 90DF franchise monster never changed his ways. Yara caught him texting a woman. and then there was another female, who might have spent time in the bed that Jovi shares with Yara. These shocking revelations put enormous strain on an already shaky marriage.

5 Jovi Hopes HIs Kid Doesn’t Become A Wild Spender Like Yara

It’s ok for Jovi to get lap dances (and get wasted), but when Yara reaches for the plastic, she’s public enemy number one. Is this fair? No way. Yes, she likes to shop and may overspend, but who’s the real villain here? Yara makes money by selling clothes and appearing in a reality TV show. She also has a YouTube channel. Since Yara has multiple streams of income, she’s not exactly a leech. Therefore, when Jovi mocked his wife for buying too much stuff, he seemed so crass. Sure, he was joking, but it was definitely a barb.

Would it ever occur to him that his wife does this because she’s sad? Maybe shopping’s a way to dull the pain of living with a man who can’t stay away from other women. Jovi and “deep thoughts” don’t exactly go hand in hand, so he may not realize that his bad behavior’s triggered intense emotional turmoil. Yes, he’s seen Yara cry because of his conduct. However, he doesn’t seem to understand that there’s damage under the surface too.

Cheating can inflict trauma. While Jovi may not have technically cheated with strippers, he did enough to hurt Yara. Now, she has to live with that. They have a kid, so of course she’s invested in making things work. She probably wants her child to be close to her father. While Yara’s made an effort, she’s wanted to give up too. At times, it was all too much for her. Jovi’s pleasant enough as a rule, but he has this terrible flaw that’s acting on the couple at all times. It’s acting on Yara.

So, any addictive action, including being a shopaholic, may be carried out in order to dull pain. Yara might shop just because she loves getting stuff. However, there’s always the chance that she shops because she’s traumatized by a villain partner who’s a bit of a sleaze.

4 Jovi Seemed To Use His Mother For Free Babysitting

Yara does shop a lot, but she seems to love saving a buck too, and gets tacky in order to achieve that goal. Jovi lets it happen, and when it’s his own mother who’s being taken advantage of, it’s particularly gross. Yara always references her home country’s culture when she’s trying to explain why she uses others. For example, she says that in Ukraine, it’s common to palm off one’s kids on relatives whenever possible. Said relatives are supposed to spend a lot of their time babysitting for free. She wanted Jovi’s mom to do the same.

When Gwen rebelled, trying to have her own life, all hell broke loose. She’s supposed to be under Yara’s thumb. She’s not supposed to want anything for herself. Franchise MVP Gwen loves her grandchild, but values other aspects of her life too. So, she doesn’t always do what Yara wants. This triggers friction in the family. Yara’s ultimately to blame, but by enabling his entitled wife, Jovi’s worse than her.

3 Yara Wanted To Stay In Europe (Away From Jovi)

On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Yara tried to resolve her issues with Jovi, but before that, she’d gone to Europe with her baby daughter, and thought about staying there. Sure, part of the reason was homesickness. Although she ended up in Prague, rather than her native country, she was with her mother. Obviously, being with a parent’s going to give her a sense of comfort and peace. However, homesickness probably wasn’t the only reason why Yara thought about bailing out on the USA. While discussing her Prague visit, she referenced France too, and said:

“I’ve only been here for a few hours but already it’s honestly making me want to stay here for a longer time, It’s making me not want to go back to the U.S. I love my life in America, but, that’s why I’m confused because at the same time, I want to spend time with my family in France. So, for now, I don’t know how long I want to stay in Europe.”

The thing is, Jovi never quite gives up the whole stripper thing. He talks about changing, and makes token gestures to seem like he is, but he always backslides. While she was pregnant, Yara was alone and hurting while Jovi got wild at New Orleans nightspots. While she’s got an ego, just like him, this stuff really hurt her. She definitely hasn’t forgotten all the times he let her down.

If she stayed in Europe, she’d be able to put their checkered past behind her. She could eventually branch out, finding the kind of man who doesn’t rub his liaisons with strippers in her face. What kind of husband does that? He’s so blatant, it’s embarrassing.

2 Yara Secretly Stopped Taking Birth Control (Was Jovi The Reason Why?)

Yara & Jovi from 90 Day The Last Resort in front of trees

Yara admitted on 90 Day: The Last Resort that she’d secretly been taking birth control, even though she told Jovi that they were trying for a second baby. This was very shady, but a cursory look at his conduct is all that’s needed to determine her reason. Obviously, she was reluctant to breed with a man who can’t stay out of nudie bars and doesn’t want to grow up.

While she seemed like a villain for making this backstabbing move, she was just being smart. She needed time to work on her relationship with the juvenile and defensive Jovi before taking such a big step. She had serious reservations about growing her family with him, and who can blame her? Yara’s a very glamorous woman who doesn’t deserve the kind of emotional abuse that he doles out

1 Jovi Can’t Stop Pushing Yara’s Buttons

an image of 90 Day Fiance's Jovi with a mystery woman in background

Has Jovi learned anything over the years? He seems to be frozen in time. Maturity is a struggle for him. He’s not in high school, and there’s just no excuse for his ongoing foolishness, including possibly cheating on Yara. It’s time for him to man up, but he acts like a child. He blames Yara for popping birth control pills and more, seemingly unable to understand how he and his wife got to where they are now.

Like a horror movie clown, he keeps the pranks coming, and his long-suffering wife pays the price. If he loses 90 Day Fiancé star Yara, he’ll finally understand that actions have consequences. She’ll find someone else, and use her talents to build a great life.

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