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90 Day Fiancé: 1 Couple Is Trapped in an Elevator, Others Bicker over Toilet Etiquette and a Dog Named Rico Suave

Jasmine is unimpressed with Gino's "dusty" house saying, "I do believe there are living organisms that haven't been discovered yet in the world"

The 90 Day Fiancé season 10 couples are saying hello to America!

Sunday night’s episode featured lots of airport arrivals, a proposal and a few first-time arguments on U.S. soil. As exciting as it is for the couples to finally be one step closer to American citizenship, jet lag and cultural differences led to tension for many of the pairs. From witchcraft to toilet habits — and how many cans of soup are in one American’s cabinet, the global lovers have questions — but they might not get the answers they want to hear.

Here’s where the couples left off on Sunday night.

Ashley and Manuel 

90 Day Fiance
Ashley and Manuel reunite at the airport.TLC

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A panic attack for Ashley was quickly relieved when Manuel stepped foot in America for the first time. A sweet airport reunion showed the Ecuador man reunite with his fiancée (and meet her sister) — and it was one of the only peaceful moments for the pair.

As soon as Manuel arrived at Ashley’s home, he was disappointed by some of her habits and values. He also didn’t feel any immediate fondness for her cat Lyra and her dog Rico Suave. “The cats I see here in New York are simply a pet that must be fed and fed and fed — and how does that benefit me?” Manuel asked cameras.

Though he admitted Ashley “has a right to have pets,” he wasn’t prepared for how cozy the critters were. The first argument sparked when Manuel said he’d have to put a door on Ashley’s bedroom so the pets “sleep outside.” This wasn’t going to fly for Ashley.

“Rico Suave has been with me through a ton of partners, and they leave and guess who stays? Rico motherf—ing Suave,” she told cameras. “So as far as I’m concerned, Rico Suave can sleep where he wants — whether that’s in the [living room] or whether it’s in the bedroom.”

90 Day Fiance
Ashley’s dog, Rico Suave.TLC

Manuel’s demands about Ashley’s home made her uncomfortable — especially given they came just minutes after he arrived. “I come from a family of strong, independent women of color. We dictate in our family line. He’s got to figure that out,” she said. Later, she added, “My dog is a god. He does what he wants.”

The dog was just the start of it. Manuel, who is traditionally religious, has long known Ashley practices witchcraft as a career. Upon arriving in America, though, he began to challenge her witch identity. “I don’t think she’s a witch because in Ecuador, witches are people who do harm. But she’s not that,” he told cameras.

After Ashley told Manuel his understanding is incorrect, and “a witch is a person who uses and works with spirituality to have a life that is much better,” he spent the evening Googling to prove Ashley wrong.

It put a bad taste in Ashley’s mouth. “I’m a motherf—ing witch, hoe,” she told cameras. “How are you not getting that?”

“I’m not OK with being judged that way by my partner. My partner shouldn’t judge me, period,” she concluded. “I would be going everything I believe in by marrying someone who doesn’t understand, or respect, what I do.”

Nikki and Justin

90 Day Fiance
Nikki speaks with her mother about her expectations for Jusin.TLC

Nikki might still have been skeptical about her future with Justin — but her mom wasn’t. The women bonded on Sunday night’s episode as Nikkie’s mother helped her pack and contemplate what a marriage with Justin would really look like.

“My mother is supportive in my relationship with Justin,” Nikki told cameras. “I think it’s a little bit funny and ironic because 15 years ago, when Justin came to the United States under the K-1 visa, she was like ‘kick his ass to the curb and send his ass back.’ It’s funny how the tables turned and I’m more doubtful of what’s gonna happen in the relationship and she’s more hopeful.”

Nikki’s mom was just hoping her daughter would find unconditional love, which had been a hurdle in their own relationship. The mom admitted she didn’t accept Nikki as transgender for some time, which temporarily ruined their relationship. The mother harbored concerns that Justin’s family in Moldova wouldn’t be kind and loving about her transition. “I didn’t understand,” the mother said of when she learned Nikki was transitioning. “I regret it, and I will regret it for the rest of my life. I hope Justin’s parents, and Justin, will love her and accept her.”

So far, things hadn’t been totally positive. Nikki told cameras that Justin’s friends still had a ways to go toward acceptance. “Justin told me that he’s getting a lot of rejection and pushback from his friends,” she said. “It makes me feel sad. It makes me feel sometimes like a disease — like, Why are they treating him like this for his choice to be with me?

The episode also featured Justin speaking with his friend about Nikki’s identity. “I feel nervous because she’s trans, and the people in our country they think, like, narrow-minded,” he said in an interview. “Every time Nikki goes out like lots of makeup and dresses. I’m more think about her safety.”

The friend was immediately “dumbfounded” when he first learned of Nikki’s transition, saying, “I haven’t met any transgender people in Moldova. That’s why it’s a big shock to me.”

Rob and Sophie

90 Day Fiance
Rob pops the question to Sophie at a Los Angeles airport.TLC

Rob and Sophie officially got engaged — again!

Sophie arrived at the airport on Sunday night’s episode after 25 hours of travel — and walked into a sweet proposal from Rob. The American man even did a choreographed dance in baggage claim and presented Sophie with a ring as they were leaving. (The couple had already gotten engaged, but Sophie was just waiting for some bling to seal the deal.)

That said, Sophie did wonder in a couple’s confessional moment “why he chose the airport.”

Rob explained. “Well, I already, technically we were already engaged, but the actual proposal, I felt like that needed to happen and it needed to happen as soon as she got to L.A.,” he said. “Like, I come with this. You have to say yes before you become a U.S. citizen and go enjoy L.A.”

It wasn’t all engagement bliss, though — Rob and Sophie got stuck in an elevator shortly after she said yes (again). It may have been Rob’s fault for pressing the “door close” button repeatedly. Either way, Sophie nearly had a panic attack waiting for the doors to open again, and the whole situation made the spouses-to-be tense.

When they were finally freed, Rob did very little to ease Sophie’s nerves as he described his hometown of Inglewood: “It’s not that bad. There’s some nonsense that happens, but a gunshot every now and again … not very often.”

The couple drove through a police standoff before arriving home — and it made Sophie certain that “I don’t want this to be where I live.” She said in the confessional, “I’m just hoping this is where we’re at right now, and then we’ll move to somewhere nicer that I can feel like, ‘This is my home.'”

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