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8 things that prove Bilal Hazzez is a bad husband. Number 1 cheated on Shaeeda!

Bilal Hazziez from 90 Day Fiancé season 9 may be a successful real estate agent, but he has failed to be a kind human being and supportive husband.


  •  Bilal tested Shaeeda’s loyalty by lying about his wealth.
  •  Bilal didn’t defend Shaeeda when his ex-wife threatened her.
  •  Bilal ignored Shaeeda’s wish to have a baby sooner.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Bilal Hazziez hasn’t been the best husband to his wife, Shaeeda Sween. The 45-year-old Missouri man made a terrible first impression during his 2022 franchise debut. He lied to Shaeeda, claiming he lived in a dilapidated house – he did this to find out if she was a gold digger. The lack of trust only worsened in later episodes, when Bilal asked his partner, who hails from Trinidad & Tobago, to sign a prenup. She was taken aback but eventually agreed. Shaeeda only signed after Bilal promised to give her a baby before she turned 40.

Bilal and Shaeeda tied the knot while appearing in 90 Day Fiancé season 9. Soon after, they were cast in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? The spin-off showcased their post-marriage journey. As expected, the couple clashed, mostly due to trust issues. Shaeeda asked Bilal to keep his promise and give her a baby, but he tried to put it off. In the Tell All episode, the real estate agent and his wife butted heads about having a child. Thankfully, they eventually got on the same page. They planned to kick-start Shaeeda’s business in the United States.

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8Bilal Hazziez Tested Shaeeda Sween’s Loyalty

Bilal Tried To Prank Shaeeda

While Bilal has provided well for Shaeeda, he has also done some appalling things. In his debut season, the real estate agent plotted a very detailed loyalty test for Shaeeda. She was tested when she landed in the United States. He lied to her about his wealth, took her to an old house, and tried to portray himself as a poverty-stricken man. As expected, Shaeeda wasn’t exactly thrilled by Bilal’s shabby living conditions. She was tired from her flight and didn’t expect such a rough start. Bilal shouldn’t have filed for the K-1 visa if he didn’t trust Shaeeda.

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7Bilal Hazziez Allowed His Ex-Wife To Disrespect Shaeeda Sween

Bilal Didn’t Stop His Ex From Threatening Shaeeda

Most people are supportive of their significant others and defend them when it’s needed. However, Bilal didn’t protect Shaeeda or take her side during her fight with his ex-wife. In 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Shaeeda met Bilal’s former partner, Shahidah, at a coffee meetup. She talked to her, but things eventually went south. At one point, Shahidah threatened Shaeeda and said, “I will reach across that table and bring you out. However, Bilal didn’t put his ex-wife in her place.

6Bilal Hazziez Ignored Shaeeda Sween’s Wish To Have A Baby Sooner

Bilal Refused To Have A Child With Shaeeda For A Long Time

The worst thing Bilal did to Shaeeda wasn’t down-playing her needs. He knew that his wife was in her late 30s and that her biological clock was ticking. Despite that, he tried to stall. He didn’t want to give her the baby she so desired. Ideally, Bilal should’ve started trying to have a kid with his wife when she landed in the United States. However, he waited until she put her foot down. She asked him to get her pregnant before 40. Sadly, the couple had a miscarriage in 2023.

5Bilal Hazziez Is Arrogant & Condescending

Bilal Thinks He’s Superior To Shaeeda

Bilal is a wealthy man with stereotypical personality traits. He’s condescending, arrogant and self-centered. In one of the episodes, Shaeeda playfully interacted with Bilal during their car ride. However, the rich real estate agent got offended by it, and arrogantly told his wife not to behave like that. Most people think of their significant others as equals. However, Bilal always had a patronizing attitude towards Shaeeda. Bilal appears to have a superiority complex. He has often been accused of believing Shaeeda is below him.

4Bilal Hazziez Throws Temper Tantrums

Bilal Can’t Take A Joke

90 Day Fiancé Bilal Hazziez in living room

Initially, Bilal seemed like a level-headed man. While he checked Shaeeda’s loyalty in the worst way possible, he still looked like a mature guy with a sensible attitude. Unfortunately, a few episodes later, Bilal proved his supporters wrong by showing that he wasn’t emotionally mature. The 90 Day Fiancé alum let his mask slip and threw temper tantrums about the smallest things. When Shaeeda accidentally teased Bilal by tapping him, he made a bigger deal out of it than he should have. He also threatened Shaeeda’s friend during an argument when he could’ve stayed quiet.

3Bilal Hazziez Tries To Control Shaeeda Sween

Bilal Controls Shaeeda’s Money

Bilal Hazziez from 90 Day Fiance montage purple background

Every couple needs to have a balance. However, Bilal likes to control everything, even his wife’s money. In 2022, Shaeeda revealed that her husband was in charge of their money. She said, “I have to ask Bilal for everything that I want, until I get my business up and running.” Shaeeda complained that Bilal keeps her “out of his finances,” and doesn’t tell her everything. She admitted that she had no idea about “how much money he makes,” and that he had denied her request to start a joint account.

2Bilal Hazziez Acts Like A High-Value Man

Bilal Fakes Confidence

Bilal Shaeeda 90 Day Fiance montage three different poses

Bilal has been accused of acting like a high-value man when he’s really the opposite. He wants to be respected, likable, confident, attractive and successful. If Bilal really had confidence, he would have trusted Shaeeda more, as it was his decision to be with her. He would have given her a proper welcome. Rather than focusing on money, he would have proved his worth through his actions.

1Bilal Hazziez Is Manipulative

Bilal Always Wants Shaeeda To Follow His Lead

Bilal has also been extremely manipulative towards Shaeeda. He uses tactics like acting tough, treating others like children, and love-bombing to escape unpleasant situations. Bilal’s tried to gaslight Shaeeda so many times. From the prenup arguments to the baby talk, he has tried to manipulate Shaeeda into doing what he wanted. During the Tell All, the co-stars called out Bilal for talking like “a professor” and using his sales communication skills against Shaeeda. Other 90 Day Fiancé stars made Bilal realize that being a good real estate agent didn’t make him a good husband.

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