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8 Rare Times 90 Day Fiancé Franchise Cast Members Won The Internet In 2023

While some 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast members have made fans laugh, others earned praise by making viewers emotional with their actions.

  • Big Ed and Daniele have struggled to shed their controversial images, facing online backlash for their mistreatment of others.
  •  David Dangerfield won over fans by helping his fiancée build a new home, receiving love and support online.
  •  Kenny, Yara, Syngin, Kim, Winter, and Loren all had positive moments on social media that connected with fans and garnered compliments.

90 Day Fiancé has featured many entertaining cast members over the years, some of whom impressed fans with their actions. The critically-acclaimed reality TV show doesn’t usually make it easy for its stars to be popular or likable. Big Ed Brown first appeared in 2020 and still hasn’t been able to shed his controversial image for mistreating his ex-girlfriend, Rose Vega. The San Diego native tries to rise above online backlash by using humor but fails to make people truly adore him as a person.

Daniele Gates has also ruined her social media image with her on-screen actions. Initially, she was liked for being a decent partner to Yohan Geronimo. However, things changed when she started disrespecting and controlling him. At one point, Daniele tried to force Yohan to befriend her ex-boyfriend, Taylen, which she received a lot of backlash for on social media. Paul Staehle from the franchise also received a lot of hate for sharing his STD test results on Instagram in 2022.

8David Dangerfield Helps Sheila Build Her House

David Dangerfield from 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days in dark red shirt

In 2023, a few notable 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast members won over fans with their actions. David Dangerfield appeared on the show with his fiancé, Sheila Mangubat. The American’s relationship with the Philippino native was exceptionally emotional. However, their relationship got painful when David visited Sheila and learned she lived in a dilapidated house. At that time, the 42-year-old couldn’t do much to support his partner. However, he didn’t give up and helped Sheila build a new home. In October, David posted a comparison photo of his fiancé’s renovated house, which received a lot of love online.

Omar Albakour met American woman Avery Mills on a Muslim dating app. While their relationship was full of dozens of cultural differences, it didn’t stop them from getting married. Omar and Avery proved they were an excellent couple by making their relationship work. They achieved many milestones together in a few years, with the latest one in 2023. Avery shared a photo of her husband in April, letting fans know that he has successfully become a dentist. She lovingly wrote, “so proud of this man,” and fans shared the same sentiment.

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6Kenny Niedermeier’s Throwback Photo

kenny montage 90 day fiance yellow background-1

Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier has always been a fan-favorite cast member. He always surprises fans with things about himself that make him even more likable. In May 2023, the 60-year-old dad posted a photo of himself from his 20s. He wrote, “no regrets,” adding that he feels thankful. Kenny flaunted his old-school look, open-collar jacket, and Bruce Wayne-like jawline in the photo. Fans adored his style and showered him with hundreds of compliments. Someone even wrote, “you should have been in a John Hughes movie or at least on the cover of Teen Beat!!”

5Yara Zaya Trolls Britney Spears

Yara Zaya often impresses fans with her humorous skits and her fabulous style, but she rarely manages to be relatable. In October, Yara finally entertained her followers by parodying Britney Spears’ viral Instagram videos. She played around with knives and made fun of the singer. Fans liked Yara’s attempt at being more engaging and trying to connect with pop culture. They appreciated her logical stance against social media stupidity and showed that in the comments. Yara got nearly 35k likes on her post, with many claiming it was “the best post” they’ve seen all day.

4Syngin Colchester Cuts His Hair Short

90 Day Fiancé_ What Is Syngin Colchester Up To In 2023

When Syngin Colchester debuted on 90 Day Fiancé, fans liked his beach boy persona and carefree nature. However, the South African native’s social media image declined after he broke up with Tania Maduro. Syngin got much backlash for his carelessness and inability to hold a good job. However, things changed in 2023 after he turned fans in his favor by showing personal growth. Syngin stayed committed to his new partner, started caring for his fitness, moved to Thailand, and cut his hair in a matter of months.

3Kim Menzies’ Glow-Up After Usman Split

Kim Menzies was called out when she pursued her former boyfriend, Usman “Sojaboy” Umar, despite his terrible demands. She let him walk all over her and disrespect her. Fortunately, Kim finally let Usman go and did it with class. She remained friends with him and moved on to things that made her happy. In July, Kim posted a video of her new celebrity-like makeover, showing that she is a real queen. The 53-year-old impressed 90 Day Fiancé fans with her glow-up and got hundreds of compliments.

2Winter Everett Becomes A Fashion Model

The Family Chantel Star Winter Everett's Different Hairstyles Amid Hair Loss

Like Kimberly, The Family Chantel supporting cast member Winter Everett also won fans over with her glow-up transformation. Winter struggled with her past toxic relationship with Jah and her weight loss journey. However, she changed her life by moving on and losing nearly 100 pounds. Winter announced she had become a professional model in May and posted her modeling portfolio on social media. She looked stunning in her colorful outfits and wowed fans with her transformation. Winter has become so popular that fans want to see Winter star in 90 Day: The Single Life.

1Loren Brovanik’s Fitness Journey After Three Kids

Loren Brovarnik from 90 Day Fiancé on a scooter showing off her muscles

Loren Brovanik has always inspired fans with her positive approach in life. In modern society, where some people often promote narcissistic values, the Florida native has shown the opposite. She built a beautiful family, settled with her husband, and welcomed three adorable kids. Since late 2022, Loren has been on a new motivational journey of getting into the best shape of her life. She has had a successful postpartum transformation and has been candid with the fans about her struggles. Most of Loren’s workout videos get her a lot of support from 90 Day Fiancé fans.

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