7 Little Johnstons: Will the new season feature the birth of Liz’s daughter Leighton?

Audiences love TLC shows. There is drama, emotions, and sometimes, even some ‘reality.’ One of the network’s ‘family’ shows is 7 Little Johnstons. The sweet family has been a fan favorite since the show’s premiere in 2015. After the show’s 13 seasons, a lot has happened.

Amber and Trent are the same, but their kids have grown up. They now have their own life and relationships. Even the Johnston daughter Liz has progressed a lot. She is now a mom and is living with her boyfriend. This leads the audience to wonder if the pregnancy and birth will be featured in Season 14. And will there be any more ‘drama’?

7 Little Johnstons: Fans Have A Wishlist For Season 14 Content

If there is anything that reality TV does best, it is listening to the audience. The more the audience gets its wishes, the more popular the show becomes. And 7 Little Johnstons is no different. Even though the show is centered around the situations of a family, audiences still have demand.

The show’s storyline has been rather ‘stable’ during the last few seasons. It had the regular drama of the Johnston children having to make Trent and Amber agree to their demands. There was also some coverage of Liz and Brice’s relationship and where it is going. But this is very basic in comparison to what the audience has seen so far.

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7 Little Johnstons

Fans can’t help but wonder if the ‘new situations’ will also be featured in the upcoming seasons. Since their excitement has declined, TLC is looking for newer ways to generate interest. And so the fans’ have been very forthcoming with their demands. People really want to see Liz’s motherhood journey on the show.

They also want to see how Amber and Trent handle the situation of their daughter’s pregnancy, as she’s still unmarried. Some 7 Little Johnstons fans also want to see more developments in the other cast members’ lives. They want to see what ‘more’ is in store for the other children.

7 Little Johnstons: Fan Are Excited To Watch Baby Leighton’s Birth

The 7 Little Johnstons fans crave more. So, they fulfill their cravings through Instagram posts and updates. Liz is more than happy to share. She shared her pregnancy on Instagram. Then she also announced the birth of her daughter on it.

Fans quickly congratulated her. There were even comments on the photo. Liz’s pregnancy announcement had more than 200,000 likes. Her daughter, Leighton’s birth announcement had more than 275,000 likes. The fans had even reshared these photos.

So, everybody can’t help but wonder if Liz’s pregnancy and her delivery will be a plotline of Season 14. Everyone is excited to see it. From the likes and comments, we can assume that it will definitely boost viewership. But there is no confirmation, just Amber sharing that Season 14 shooting has begun

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