‘7 Little Johnstons’ Liz Speaks Out About Her Breakup With Brice

Liz Johnston has broken her silence about her breakup with Brice Bolden. The 7 Little Johnstons star opened up about the split in a clip shared by TLC. She said that the breakup has been emotional and that she’s mad about how things changed between her and Brice. Keep reading to see what led to the breakup.

Liz Johnston Tears Up Discussing Her Breakup With Brice Bolden

The TLC show 7 Little Johnstons is about to kick off Season 14. However, before its release, Liz Johnston has spoken out about her relationship with Brice Bolden. Viewers have watched the pair grow together over several seasons, but it seems all of that has come to an emotional end.

Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden - YouTube, TLC

TLC released a clip of Liz talking about the breakup. She breaks the news to fans and then dives into what led to the split, to begin with. Liz Johnston jumps right to the point in the video, “So Brice and I are no longer together.” Then she asks producers if she can have a moment to compose herself.

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Once she recovered, she elaborated, “So Brice and I are no longer living together. We have separated.” The 22-year-old explained that once she and Brice moved in together it felt like they were more roommates than they were in a relationship. She continued, “And I could not live like that because I am not a person who wants to be in a relationship where it doesn’t feel like there’s any love or any just, I don’t know, spark.”

The 7 Little Johnstons star said that she grew up watching her parents constantly make an effort to keep the romance alive in their marriage. “I can’t do it with somebody who is just OK with being in a fine relationship, being in a mediocre relationship,” she told producers. “And I can’t be in a mediocre and fine relationship because that’s not who I am.”

Will 7 Little Johnstons Season 14 See The Couple Back Together?

Admittedly, Liz has a lot of conflicting emotions surrounding the breakup, but she says that she feels mostly angry because things didn’t work out and they changed so drastically once the couple moved in together. Despite being angry, she says that she knows it was for the best in the video. Liz said that the relationship started to feel one-sided and it caused her to become depressed.

Liz Johnston - YouTube, TLC

Watch Liz Johnston’s entire interview about her breakup with Brice Bolden below.

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