‘7 Little Johnstons’ Is Liz Johnston A Nurse?

7 Little Johnstons‘ fans buzz about Liz Johnston at the moment, and one thing they discuss is her job as a nurse. However, some TLC fans have questions. Is she actually a qualified nurse? Remember after she graduated high school, she went off to study nursing. Read on to find out what fans think.

7 Little Johnstons Fans Discuss Liz Johnston

Elizabeth announced that she expects her first baby with Brice Bolden, and that shot her into the headlines. Of course, the family also makes a lot of noise about the happy news. Naturally, that makes TLC fans go off and check out her social media. Bear in mind, the 7 Little johnstons show sits in-between seasons at the moment, so fans would usually check her posts less often.

7 Little Johnstons star Emma Is Excited about Liz Johnston having a baby Instagram
7 Little Johnstons star Emma Is excited about Liz Johnston having a baby – Instagram

Is Liz Johnston A Nurse?

7 Little Johnstons fans currently chat about the pregnancy, about Trent and Amber, and now, about her job as a nurse. On Reddit this weekend, u/smackmyazzzlikeadrum shared a screenshot of Elizabeth’s social media profile. In the caption, they asked, “Is Liz a nurse?” Notably, it now says, “nurse” and “mom to be.”

7 Little Johnstons Is Liz Johnston A Nurse
7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston – Nurse profile – Reddit

That got a lot of people talking about different nursing courses and the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Naturally, they also talked about her studies. Just over a year ago, she was studying for Registered Nursing at Gordon State College in Barnesville, Georgia.

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 Nurse’s Assistant At A Retirement Home

7 Little Johnstons fans already knew that Liz Johnston held down a job as a carer nurse in a care facility and she obtained her CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant papers. However, a Redditor said in the comments, “I think she may be studying to be a nurse but she said one time on the show she was working as a dialysis tech.”

Mostly, commenters who are registered nurses decide that it is not right to call oneself a nurse if you don’t have an NCLEX license. Actually, it seems a mystery as to why no listings seem to show that she ever became registered.

Still, things can get lost in the mix because of different rules in various states. So, giving Liz Johnston the benefit of the doubt, a follower went easy on the TLC star. They wrote, “She’s been in nursing school for a whileeee, so honestly she probably already has a job as a nurse and has taken the NCLEX.”

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