7 Little Johnstons: Emma Shares Emotional Tribute For Sister Liz As She Announces Pregnancy! “Call Me Aunt Em”

The 7 Little Johnstons family has come a long way since their debut on TLC around 8 years ago. The kids who were merely pre-teens and teens have grown up to be young adults. One of them, who is escalating a bit too quickly on her path to adulthood, is Liz Johnston. That’s because she is ready to be a mom.

Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, have finally spilled the beans. At first, fans thought they were no longer together as they had stopped posting pictures altogether. But it looks like they were doing so to keep their pregnancy under wraps. Since this reveal, everyone has been quite excited.

Lately, one of the youngest in the family, Emma Johnston, has finally spoken up about this reveal. So, is the star kid excited to be an aunt at a young age?

7 Little Johnston: Emma Johnston Reveals How She Feels About Being An Aunt To Liz’s Future Baby!

The whole Johnstons family is rejoicing over Liz’s big announcement. She and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, are excited to be young parents. Even if they are 21, they have had a solid relationship for many years. While they couldn’t decide on whether to move in or not, it looks like fate decided for them to do so.

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That’s because Liz and Brice are pregnant and expecting their first baby, due this fall, i.e., November 2023. Amidst all the excitement, the former’s sister, Emma Johnston, has also expressed her thoughts about welcoming a new family member. She shared a bunch of pictures with her sisters, Anna and Liz.

All of them looked happy while gently holding onto Liz’s baby bump. Emma shared “tearing up” out of excitement of becoming an aunt. In fact, she already wants the baby to refer to her as “Aunt Em.” The 7 Little Johnstons teen is very eager to “cherish and love” the baby when the time comes.

In fact, Emma has made plans by now as to what things she would be doing for Liz’s future child. The star expressed wishing to “spoil,” “babysit,” “hug,” and also “love” the sweet baby. Everyone in the comments section melted at Emma’s approach when it came to being an aunt.

7 Little Johnstons: Are Amber & Trent Upset With Liz’s Pregnancy News?

In the past few years, 7 Little Johnston fans have seen how strict Amber and Trent can be. Be it Jonah moving back in after his drug controversy or digging into his phone; they have done it all. Moreover, over the years, the parents have had super strict rules for their kids when it comes to dating.

One of them also included their kids not getting to close their doors and sleeping in separate rooms when their significant others would visit. So, the fanbase has been skeptical about how they reacted to Liz and Brice’s pregnancy. After all, they are not yet married and are still boyfriend and girlfriend.

7 Little Johnstons

Surely, many assumed and even wrote in the comments section that Trent and Amber would have flipped at this update. But that wasn’t the case. On their family Instagram page, the couple shared Liz and Brice’s photo while saying they couldn’t wait to be “Lolli” and “Boppa” to the new baby.

Hence, as Amber and Trent appeared so excited, they chose nicknames for themselves that Liz’s future baby would address them with. Hence, it became pretty clear to the fans that they had had a change of heart and remained excited about this new change.

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