7 Little Johnstons: Brice Speaks Up! Is He Still Together With Liz? [SHOCKING]

Many couples appear on reality TV shows. Some meet on their shows, while some were together even before. But the 7 Little Johnstons stars Liz and Brice are of the former category. The duo first started dating in 2018.

And now, fast forward five years, they are parents to an adorable baby girl. Leighton Drew Bolden was born on November 3, 2023. The new parents have been busy with their daughter since then. But Brice recently made a rare Instagram appearance to wish his girlfriend Liz happy birthday. He might have even cleared up some rumors with this upload.

7 Little Johnstons: Brice’s Adorable Birthday Wish To Liz

Liz Johnton’s boyfriend, Brice Bolden, isn’t an avid spotlight fan. The star makes appearances on 7 Little Johnstons. But he still keeps his life private and mostly avoids social media. Brice’s recent two Instagram posts were joint posts about Leighton’s birth. And his last solo post was from around Halloween.

However, the TLC star made a rare appearance on Instagram. Brice uploaded a story for his girlfriend’s 22nd birthday. And, the post had a sweet picture of Brice and Liz looking at their baby daughter Leighton. Brice had even added a message about how much he loved Liz. He went on to add that Liz was an amazing mother to Leighton.

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7 Little Johnstons

Brice’s message also had a red heart emoji and two exclamation marks. It also seemed like a sweet tribute to his girlfriend. And fans really appreciated him for making Liz’s 22nd birthday special with the story.

The story put an end to the breakup rumors. And Brice’s statement about loving Liz a lot really drove the point home. He had even put a red heart and two exclamation points, indicating that everything was well between them. And much to the fan’s delight, their beloved 7 Little Johnstons couple is still together.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Is Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Amber and Trent’s daughter, Liz, welcomed her daughter Leighton in November. Liz shares Leighton with her boyfriend, Brice Bolden. The new mom has shared lots of photos of the newborn. But her latest Instagram story is more about her own struggles and what she might be facing.

Liz Johnston uploaded a story on Instagram. It was a quote-type message to women suffering from Postpartum Depression. The message said that “newborns will NOT remember who held them.” However, it went on to add that mothers “WOULD always remember.” The quote talked about mothers taking care of their newborns even during depression.

7 Little Johnstons

With the help of the story, 7 Little Johnstons star Liz revealed she had Postpartum Depression. The post came just a day after her 22nd birthday. So, fans were worried that she was depressed even on her birthday. However, the post did one good thing. It clarified the fans’ doubts about why Liz might be staying with her parents. They think it is because Liz asked Trent and Amber to help with the new baby.

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