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Razvan Ciocoi’s “regrettable” money-making gig makes fans cringe

90 Day Fiancé star Razvan is looking for ways to make money in the US following his split from Amanda Wilhelm.
It offers several services on its website, including promoting business on social media and sending video messages, for a fee.
Fans criticized Razvan for his new business idea and called him delusional, but he is also pursuing his talents and trying to stay relevant in the world of reality television.
90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Razvan Ciocoi has been launching an embarrassing new money-making job since he came to the United States following his split from Amanda Wilhelm. Razvan is a social media artist who sings, dances and acts for a living on the internet. Razvan met Amanda from Eunice, Oregon, on TikTik a few months after her husband’s death. Amanda’s husband, Jason Wilhelm, passed away suddenly from ampulla cancer. Amanda raised two children alone and now dreamed of marrying Razvan from Romania. She flew to live with him for a few weeks. However, Razvan and Amanda’s separation was imminent.

Razvan himself came to America after his breakup with Amanda on a tourist visa and, as shared by Reddit user you/vapeenaysh,

Razvan is looking for ways to make money fast in the USA. The Redditor shared a screenshot of Razvan’s website and a section titled “Share your wish and I will make it happen.” Razvan then writes down a list of various services he is offering in exchange for a good amount of dollars. Razvan claims he could promote a client’s business across all his social media channels for $400 and duet on a TikTok video for $80. You can get feedback from Razvan on a social media platform of your choice for $27 or a video message from him for $47.

What is Razvan doing in America after 90 Day Fiancé?
Montage by Razvan Ciocoi from 90 Day Fiancé with pink background

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90 Day Fiancé fans criticized Razvan for his new business idea. The OP wrote: “He only has 61k followers on Instagram and his TikTok is even smaller. 400 dollars is crazy haha.” Meanwhile, MilkshakeMolly added: “Sadly, in every way.” Swamp_Happy commented: “It seems so cheap to have to follow someone on social media for the rest of your life!!! What a strange thing to offer so cheaply!” Fans called Razvan delusional for thinking he could lure someone into paying for his ridiculous requests. At the same time, Razvan is also busy exploring his other talents now that he is in the United States. Razvan was recently spotted at an event in Miami with Daniele Gates.

Their photos together sparked romance rumors, but Daniele assured fans that nothing was happening between her and Razvan. Meanwhile, Razvan recently announced that he will soon release his original song on YouTube called “Just a Dreamer.” Razvan has been busy working during his stay in Amanda’s country. Razvan applied for a US visa without telling Amanda. She saw this as a big red flag and wondered if Razvan planned to come to the US and hoped to live off his money. Razvan and Amanda also broke up because he focused more on his career than his relationship.

Razvan stated that he would be moving to America soon to pursue his dreams during the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell All. If enough fans end up paying Razvan to follow them on social media or send them a video message, Razvan could make a big income without doing a lot of hard work. Being a reality TV star and being part of such an important franchise has perks that Razvan is making the most of. However, his tactics to stay relevant need to be revised unless Razvan wants to be labeled a clout seeker and a con man.

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