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Darcey’s extreme makeovers and antics on social media have earned her criticism

90 Day Fiance icon Darcey Silva has done bad things. She has played the victim, but the reality star's no angel. Doe she need to be held accountable?


  •  Darcey Silva’s makeovers and romantic choices have made her extremely controversial among 90 Day Fiancé fans.
  •  Darcey’s recent marriage to Georgi Rusev was revealed, but given her history of bad decisions, there are doubts about how long it will last.
  •  Darcey’s extreme makeovers and antics on social media have earned her criticism. Her superficiality seems to overshadow other more positive traits.

90 Day Fiancé star Darcey Silva’s known for wild makeovers and sketchy romances, and her signature bad decisions have turned her into a monster. She has the right to do whatever she wants with her face and body, and date or marry whomever she pleases. However, the choices she makes are judged by 90DF franchise fans. It seems like viewers love to hate Darcey. There aren’t many aspects of her character, looks and lifestyle that they don’t tear apart. While Darcey isn’t a mean person, the way that she’s chosen to live has made her extremely controversial.

In November 2023, Darcey’s secret marriage to Georgi Rusev was revealed. She likes younger men from other countries, and Georgi’s definitely her type. However, he hasn’t always been the perfect partner. Georgi proposed three years ago, so it took a very long time before they actually tied the knot. In fact, it seemed like their marriage would never happen. Georgi’s been accused of gold digging in the past, and Darcey reportedly spent over 50K on the Bulgarian man. In the past, she’s been burned by foreign partners. Hopefully, her wedding won’t be yet another bad decision.

8Darcey Silva Decided To Marry Georgi Rusev (She Should Know Better)

Darcey, who often keeps her Instagram account private, went public about her marriage. She showed off a somewhat vulgar engagement ring (yes, it’s massive) in her post from November 16, 2023. To accent the giant sapphire surrounded by diamonds, she got a creative manicure. Darcey loaded on sparkly bracelets too, as seen above. The wedding announcement was made by TLC and the happy couple. It read:

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Darcey and Georgi! ????☺️ Here’s what she has to say about their big day: “I’m thrilled to share that Georgi and I got married on our special day of November 11th. I’ve been on a long journey to find love, and in the end, love wins. I’m so blessed for you all to be a part of my journey in life, love, and happiness. Thank you for all the love and support! Stay tuned. Love, Darcey xoxo”

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As usual, Darcey has the highest hopes. There’s something mesmerizing about her optimism. She really has no reason to believe that her marriage will last forever, thanks to a checkered romantic history. However, she never, ever stops believing in love. Some people might call that naive, or even stupid, but she doesn’t care. Darcey wants the fairytale.

The problem’s the fact that things may not work out. By continually choosing men who are on the make, she’s actually sabotaging her own life. She needs to take responsibility for that. By repeating history and expecting to get a different result, she’s embarrassing herself. Yes, there’s always a chance they could be married forever, but what are the odds? In all likelihood, no one but her expects Darcey and Georgi to grow old together (not even the super-suave Georgi).

Darcey’s romances made her famous. If she was more low-key about love, her life might be very different.

Would a decent man take 50 grand from his woman? If Georgi did that, it’s really not a good sign. That shady move feels so transactional. Georgi got involved with an older woman who’s famous, and naturally, his motives are going to be questioned. Another issue is the fact that they’ve broken up in the past. After a split, they started sleeping together again in sunny Miami, Florida. Darcey tried to downplay the little slip, saying that they were only together for one night. However, clearly, she had trouble staying away from the younger man.

After the one-night stand, Darcey apparently had regrets. During a Darcey & Stacey episode, she said that she wanted to “forget” about the hookup. That really speaks volumes, but now, these two are married. Maybe the experience was more enjoyable than she let on. Nonetheless, Georgi may be out for himself. Is he just pretending to love Darcey? If so, he won’t be the first younger man in the 90DF franchise who’s faked passion to reap rewards.

What’s monstrous about Darcey is her pigheadedness. While she surely sees the red flags, she willfully ignores them time and time again. Then, when things don’t work out, she plays the victim. By now, Darcey knows all too well what the “using” type of guy’s like. There is simply no excuse for going down this road again. She’s choosing youth and handsomeness over any kind of substance. She can do that if she wants, but she’s going to get shade for marrying this man.

Darcey Silva New Makeover 2022 Plastic Surgery Instagram In 90 Day Fiance 2 cat eye look

Every person decides what their image will be. They take inspiration from the world around them and then express themselves based on what they like about society and other people. Darcey’s no different, but her image has changed so drastically that it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when her name is mentioned. It seems like what Darcey likes about beauty is Barbie-type effects. She’s always morphing into a doll via minor and extremely major tweaks. The natural look’s not for Darcey. That’s fine, but her most outrageous makeovers, including a shocking “fox eye” look, have made her stand out for the wrong reasons.

It’s Darcey who needs to be happy with herself. If the high-drama makeovers help her to feel comfortable in her own skin, then who’s to say they’re wrong? The issue is that she appears to be incredibly superficial. She seems to pour so much of her energy into perfecting her image. She goes flat out when it comes to makeup, hair dye, going under the knife and fashion.

By going so far into vanity, and dating (and marrying) guys who seem to be very into their images too, Darcey may be sending the message that there isn’t a lot under the surface. However, this might not be true. She could be kind, deep, and loving. Sometimes, because the makeovers are so extreme, they’re all that people notice about her.

Maybe Darcey would actually feel better if she toned down her worst beauty excesses, threw on some comfortable clothes, and just showed the world who she is in her rawest state. Perhaps insecurity drives Darcey to continue “refining” her appearance. It could be argued that she’s veering too far away from nature, but ultimately, her image is up to her.

It’s “fan” comments that make her seem like a monster because she likes to paint her face, get cosmetic enhancements, and otherwise modify her looks. Those remarks can be ultra-brutal. One Redditor, AlGan912, was scathing:

Darcy should’ve stopped with the plastic surgery at the first photo. She looked so good. It’s sad she looks like this now..

That unhappy Darcey & Stacey viewer was talking about the before and after pictures shown below. However, what that very opinionated person said may be too cruel. Darcey was likely a lot younger in the first photo. People change, even without plastic surgery. They need to love who they are when they’re older too.

Overall, Darcey’s unsophisticated approach to beauty, along with makeovers that have verged on cartoonish, earn her so much derision. Most people who got dragged to this extent would probably tone it down, but that’s just not her style. Darcey wants glamour, and she will get it, no matter what anyone says.

One day she’s public, the next day she’s private. What kind of game is Darcey playing with his Instagram followers anyway? It’s like she’s teasing loyal fans (and maybe a lot of haters) so they’ll keep checking her profile page. It’s fairly senseless how she keeps changing her privacy setting. What does she hope to accomplish? Creating some kind of mystique seems to be driving her, but is she succeeding? It’s actually hard to think of a reality TV show star who has less mystique than Darcey. So much of her life has been shown onscreen and dissected online. She’s basically an open book.

A little mystique wouldn’t hurt. These hollow attempts to be elusive online just seem contrived. Real mystique could possibly be achieved by holding back facts about her life. For example, her wedding was supposed to be “secret,” but soon enough, details about the clandestine event began to surface. Darcey can’t resist opening up about her life, so why doesn’t she just keep her Instagram set to “public.” By ending this silly game, she can begin to revamp her sketchy image.

Darcey’s daughter Aniko Bollok may have been indiscreet when she said that her mom hooked up with Vanderpump Rules cad, Tom Sandoval. After that statement raised eyebrows, Tom’s reps rushed to his defense, strongly denying the rumors. Nonetheless, some may believe Aniko over Tom’s mouthpieces.

If there was some steamy tryst, Tom might not want to own up to it for whatever reason. He’s a guy who’s prone to scandals, and he’s currently being roasted for cheating on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. While this is definitely Tom’s worst drama yet, he’s been known to cheat in the past. So has his buddy, the “other Tom” i.e. Tom Schwartz.

90 Day Fiancé’s Darcey Silva & Georgi Rusev looking into each other's eyes

The Sandoval rumor made Darcey seem like a major league cougar. She does like to date younger, whether this rumor’s true or not. She marries younger too, as she recently wed Georgi. When men do this, they’re often trashed for getting together with partners who may provide more visual appeal than intellectual stimulation. Would that be true in Tom Sandoval’s case? Maybe. However, Tom’s a go-getter. He works hard and gets things done. He just has this weak spot when it comes to women. On balance, Darcey’s probably slept with much dumber guys.

While Darcey and her twin sister Stacey Silva’s House of Eleven brand has been in business for years, the designs produced by this fashion label are often gaudy. For example, the neon-green cheetah print catsuit shown above may be well-made, but due to its tacky design, it appears cheap. However, it can’t be argued that House of Eleven designs embody Darcey’s personal sense of style, which is way over the top. Rather than going for simple and subtle pieces, Darcey will overdo it. Actually, she shouldn’t get shade for this because that’s what’s made her who she is. However, few would describe Darcey as “elegant.”

The issue here is that Darcey’s aggressively pushing House of Eleven’s signature designs on her fans, such as huge fake diamond rings and tracksuits embellished with angels’ wings. Should the “world” dress like this? Other designs, such as t-shirts with peekaboo cutouts in cutesy heart shapes, aren’t exactly runway ready. Either are House of Eleven’s bedazzled mom jeans.

People should dress how they want. Fashion’s totally fun. However, the items that House of Eleven produces may not be so much fun to wear. Also, this stuff is fairly pricey, so looking like Darcey may involve a sizable cash outlay.

Yes, she married Georgi, which could be considered a happy ending, but the truth is that these two are ill-suited. At some point, their union is likely to collapse. If they make it work long-term, it will surprise a lot of people. Before Georgi, Darcey had two other doomed romances. One was with Tom Brooks, who seemed to go out of his way to demean Darcey. When he wasn’t asking her if she gained weight during a cringeworthy get-together, he was rudely dumping her because he had someone else. That relationship was grueling to watch. Now, Tom likes to play up his James Bond persona online. Double-oh-behave, Tom!

Darcey also dated Jesse Meester, who seemed as insincere as the rest. Of course, he treated Darcey badly. Of course, he used the unfulfilling relationship as a springboard. Like Tom B., Jesse’s all about showing off his smooth finesse online. He promotes his business ventures. He’s into cryptocurrencies and talks about them at YouTube. He seems to be doing well, just like Tom, but in the franchise, these guys are definitely perceived as villains.

Since her engagement dragged on for so long, it seemed like Darcey might have her third strike with her third younger foreign partner. However, the bubbly reality TV show star defied the odds, actually making it to the altar. It’s not her fault the guys she dated were jerks. Everybody’s got a type. However, had she made more of an effort to date against her type, she might be happier today. While she’s temporarily elated over her wedding, with Darcey, things aren’t always what they seem. Under the surface, she may have a lot of doubts about her new husband.

While Darcey needs to own up to her role in these romances, and her other bad behavior, she’s not always a monster. She’s quite frank about not believing that she’s perfect. She’s got some warmth, and she’s fun. So, few people are one hundred percent bad, and Darcey isn’t. She’s got a dark side though. While she’s not appearing in the newest season of 90 Day Fiancé, she’ll always be a franchise legend.

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