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So sad! Chantel accuses Pedro of not being good with men

Chantel and Pedro are back on screens even after their divorce. The Family Chantel stars reunited one last time to depict the final chapter of their marriage. The latest season has been capturing the aftermath of their very nasty and public separation. Well, they still had to join forces to collectively make decisions about selling their home.

Things have started turning nasty in the latest season. Pedro and Chantel are not holding back when it comes to exposing each other. In one of the latest segments, the latter was so furious she accused her ex of having an “erectile dysfunction” issue. So, what was it that Chantel exactly said about Pedro and their sex life?

The Family Chantel: Chantel Angrily Says Pedro Has Erectile Dysfunction!

The Family Chanel’s new season is bigger and more dramatic than ever. The former couple, Pedro and Chantel, are not on good terms with each other even 9 months after their separation during filming. They continue to expose each other to their face and to the audience, too. As per a promo on ET, another fight is going to break out between the couple.

It all began when Pedro and Chantel were on a video call discussing how they should sell their dream house. The former was upset that despite being in the real estate field, his ex decided to get a neutral third party to help them. Soon, the conversation escalated, and Chantel wanted to know what Pedro was doing with Coraima.

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Long-time viewers must remember how Coraima was Pedro’s sister Nicole’s friend. She openly admitted to crushing on him and dancing inappropriately with him, all while he was still Chantel’s husband. He had to clarify to his wife they had nothing going on. So, the Family Chantel star felt betrayed after seeing Pedro spend time with her in the Dominican Republic.

The Family Chantel

Pedro defended himself by saying he and Chantel were no longer together, so he could do whatever he felt like. After such a heated exchange, the latter finally exposed her ex. She claimed that they didn’t have intercourse for a year once and accused her former partner of having erectile dysfunction!

But then Chantel quickly corrected herself by saying she wasn’t sure if that was really the case with Pedro. It could instead have been an “erectile displacement.” She further elaborated how her partner “couldn’t get it up for her” in the bedroom. But she remained unsure if this was the case with him involving other women.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Flaunts Spending Time With Coraima! Making Chantel Jealous?

While The Family Chantel fans are seeing the aftermath of the couple’s divorce unfold on TV, they have been making posts shading each other for a long time. Many months ago, Pedro went up a notch and decided to share a picture of himself with Coraima when he was in the Dominican Republic.

Fans immediately understood it was a low blow as there were instances in the show where Chantel had expressed discomfort about Coraima’s closeness to Pedro when they were a married couple. So, it was pretty obvious the cast member tried to hurt his former wife by putting that photo up.

90 Day Fiance

The trailer also revealed Chantel crying her eyes out after seeing Pedro’s nasty move. That’s when her mother, Karen, vowed revenge on her ex-son-in-law. Do you think Chantel will also try to make her former husband jealous now

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