The truth is revealed – Christine Brown speaks for Janelle

Sister Wives stars Janelle and Christine always remained very close to each other. They two have been sharing every single detail of their lives. Fans of the show have seen their bonding in every stage of life. Christine was officially out of the family in Season 18.

However, Christine still hung out with Janelle frequently on the show. The latter is also on the verge of calling it quits with the patriarch. They have been in an estranged relationship for months in Season 18. Fans have been wondering why the mom-of-six is still holding on to her husband.

Kody had been requesting Janelle to return to his life for the sake of his family. But the latter knew that her husband didn’t have any respect or love for her and her children. Finally, Christine decided to spill the tea about Janelle’s decision to stick to Kody. What was the reason?

Sister Wives: Christine Tells The TRUTH About Janelle Continuing Her Marriage With Kody!

Christine and Janelle Brown are each other’s secret keepers. They know each other inside out and show genuine support. Recently, the two best friends went on a road trip for a fun time together. As per Intouch, Janelle told Christine that she hadn’t heard from the patriarch in about the last 10 months.

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However, she confessed that it has some positive aspects to not having Kody around. Janelle went ahead to describe her busy schedule. She stated that she goes to bed, reads books, and wakes up whenever she wants.

The Sister Wives star was happy that she could keep her dogs with her on the bed as Kody didn’t like them. She was glad to do whatever she liked. Later on the trip, Janelle reflected on the cons of polygamy or women.

Janelle feels that things would be different if she were legally married to the dad of eighteen. The Sister Wives celeb went on to express that she could have taken the assets while parting ways with Kody. She said, “If they were all legally married to him, he’d really have to toe the line.”

Finally, Christine revealed that her best friend was having a tough time officially divorcing Kody for financial reasons. Christine stated, “because she has nothing in her name.”

Sister Wives: Janelle Has No Idea About Where She Is Heading To After Leaving Kody!

Janelle Brown contributed a lot to the Brown family. She helped her polygamous husband and all of her Sister Wives in their financial issues. The reality TV celeb also pooled money for their dream Coyote Pass property. However, she had a reality check after the blowout fight with Kody.

She couldn’t believe that Janelle had no money to survive if she left Kody. Recently, Janelle revealed that she has no idea where she is heading towards since her estrangement with Kody. She stated, “Christine was able to sell her house and leave and start over again and do something different.”

But the former didn’t have anything for financial independence if she left Kody. Now, we have to wait to see if Janelle will take the step of leaving Kody despite her financial position.

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