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90 Day Fiance: Justin Publicly Defends Himself After Wearing Rac!st Outfit

90 Day Fiance Season 10 features the controversial storyline of Justin and Nikki. They have known each other for years and even dated way back. However, things couldn’t fall in their favor at that time. So, they are now giving their love another chance and are trying their best to make things work.

Amid all this, viewers were shocked when they saw Justin wearing a super controversial outfit and posting a clip on social media. He soon deleted it and even tried to defend himself. What did he wear? What is he up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Justin Deletes Clip After Wearing A Controversial Outfit!

Justin has been gathering attention because of his rare storyline with Nikki. Hence, he has ended up rising to fame, and viewers are now eager to know what is happening in his life other than the show. So, within no time, the 90 Day Fiance cast member’s popularity and social media following also saw a hike.

Amid all this, some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to talk about a now-deleted clip of Justin from Instagram on Reddit. As per the OP, he posted this a few months ago and ended up deleting it recently. The video featured the celeb wearing a full “Nazi Outfit” while he was seated in a car and sang a song.

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The thread hoped that Justin would be called out and “removed” from 90 Day Fiance because of this super controversial step. Several viewers took to the comment section and called him out regarding the same.

A user wrote, “Oh man, what would possess someone to do that? What the hell?.” This isn’t the first time controversies led to stars getting canceled and fired. For instance, Alina Kasha had also landed in trouble for her racist posts online.

Someone further commented, “Pretty disturbing anyone would do this activity and take this video.” Many fans admitted that this video would be terrifying for Nikki, as trans people were also in danger during the Nazi rule.

Someone even predicted that Justin would have to pay the price of doing this and wrote, “He’s definitely gonna get canned for this.”

90 Day Fiance: Justin Defends Himself After Receiving Heat From His Fans

Wearing a Nazi uniform could be a really controversial thing to do by a 90 Day Fiance star. But Justin was fearless until he decided to delete his post months after posting it. Yet, the newbie had to receive backlash for the same. Several fans called him out and accused him of hurting their feelings.

Some viewers even asked Justin the reason why he ended up deleting the video. Hence, he decided to finally talk about the same and cleared the air. He asked his fans if they never had “fun” or never wore different “costumes.” Recently, a fan page reshared the snap where the celeb further wondered what his audience was doing on Halloween.

Justin also admitted that he wasn’t really familiar with the culture. But now he had started to understand how everything works. Yet fans felt that the noted star was clearly trying to defend himself but couldn’t give a valid reason behind his deeds.

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