‘Sister Wives’ Is Christine Brown Watching S18 With Fiance, David?

A new episode of Sister Wives Season 18 aired on TLC yesterday. And, Christine Brown was active on her Instagram while the new episode aired. In fact, something she posted on her profile left TLC fans with a pretty big question. Was she actively watching the new season with her future husband?

In a comment liked over 2,000 times, one Sister Wives fan decided to outright ask Christine. Was she curled up on the couch or in bed watching Sister Wives with David? Surprisingly, Christine responded to the comment.

What did Christine have to say to this fan? And, what made fans think to ask this question to begin with? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives Is Christine Brown Watching S18 With Fiance, David?

Christine Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives took to Instagram to call attention to a specific commercial during the new episode of the series. Turns out, the commercial was a bit ironic for the TLC star. It was promoting the dating website that she used to meet David. Blasting right past the information she just shared in the caption, one fan asked a question “inquiring minds need to know.”

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Christine Brown from Cooking With Just Christine, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Christine Brown from Cooking With Just Christine, TLC
Sourced from YouTube

In a comment liked over 2.2K times, one fan asked if Christine was currently watching Sister Wives with David Woolley at her side.

Surprisingly, Christine Brown was the first to reply to this comment. Very excitedly, Christine noted that she was watching the new episode. She put periods after her first two words to put a dramatic pause on her answer. And, she concluded her answer with an exclamation point.

Christine Brown’s response to the question was liked over 6K times. Fans were here for the image of Christine curled up with David and eating popcorn while watching Kody implode.

Here’s a screenshot of the conversation on her Instagram:

Christine Brown - Instagram Comments

Did Christine Watch The Show Before David?

Now, Sister Wives fans were HERE for this response. But, it did leave them with more questions. Was curling up on the couch and watching episodes of Sister Wives something Christine did?

Most fans got vibes that watching episodes of the show wasn’t really something anyone in the family did. In fact, most of Kody Brown’s adult children have confessed they don’t watch the show.


Gwendlyn, for example, just recently started binging her way through the show. And, she does so while recording herself reacting to the episodes. Furthermore, she posts her reactions on YouTube.

Paedon Brown has also admitted on TikTok he doesn’t watch the show. Moreover, he never really has.

Some fans couldn’t help but wonder if it was Kody Brown’s whole world falling apart that made Christine suddenly want to watch the show. Or, perhaps her fiance was just a fan of the show and she was just doing it for him.

Either way, fans loved Christine’s answer to the question.

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