Everything We Know About Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Pricey New Home

  •  Christine Brown, a cast member of Sister Wives, has found love again and is engaged to David Woolley. They recently purchased a new home in Utah.
  •  Christine Brown has achieved financial independence through her TLC paycheck, her mini-series Cooking With Christine, selling Lularoe clothing and Plexus products, and using the platform Cameo.
  •  Christine and David’s new home has plenty of space for gatherings and parties, and while they don’t disclose how many children live with them, they have room for visitors and their children who live nearby.

The lives of the Sister Wives cast have been in a spiral for the past several seasons. Fans have seen the family go through break-ups, arguments, moves, and everyday life through their television screens and online. When Christine Brown made the decision to leave her husband, Kody Brown, audiences wondered what would become of the family as well as what kind of life Christine would lead outside of polygamy.

In March 2023, news was released that Christine was in a new relationship and was engaged to be married. In addition to that bombshell news, it was also learned that she and her new partner bought a brand new home together. How did the couple acquire this home, and who will occupy its many bedrooms?

Christine Brown And David Woolley Bought A Massive Home Together

Christine Brown on Sister Wives
via TLC

Although Christine Brown is trying to co-parent with her ex-husband, Kody Brown, and avoid going in the direction that Robyn and her ex did, she did relocate to Utah shortly after deciding to divorce.

When Christine Brown first relocated to Utah, she rented a duplex not far from the home of her daughter, Mykelti. Later, she discussed with her children that she was working with a matchmaker to try to find love once again.

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As time went on and Christine began dating again, she met and fell in love with her now fiancé David Woolley. The two appeared to fall for each other quickly, which led fans to question their relationship.

However, through photos and social media, it appears that the two are hopelessly in love and ready to embark on their lifelong journey together.

A critical step in their commitment came when the two bought a home together. The newly built home resides in Lehi, Utah, taking fans back to the earliest days of the Sister Wives series when the whole family (minus Robyn, who resided nearby in a rental home) lived in one home together in that exact city.

With four bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, the sprawling home has plenty of space for gatherings and holiday parties.

How Does Christine Brown Make Her Money?

via TLC

While Christine Brown is no longer reliant on Kody Brown and her former sister wives for her share of the earnings for filming Sister Wives, she is doing quite well on her own. In addition to her own TLC paycheck for the show, she also has her own mini-series called Cooking With Christine.

However, her path to financial independence doesn’t end there, as she has other revenue streams that account for her overall net worth.

Like some of her other family members, Christine Brown sells Lularoe clothing and Plexus products, occupying a top-level seller status on the former. On the side, she is active on the platform Cameo, where she personally records messages for fans for a fee.

While in her marriage to Kody, the family wrote a book about their life and unions, which they receive royalties from periodically.

In addition to Christine’s income, David Woolley is a business owner of over 20 years. Having worked in construction for most of his life as a single dad, he has been able to accumulate a significant income through his own drywall business.

As such, the couple could easily afford their new home, valued at over $700,000, with their mutual assets and combined earnings.

Who Lives In Christine And David’s House?

via TLC

There is only one child of Christine Brown’s that is still a minor living at home: her young daughter Truely. Although she does share custody with Kody, Truely primarily resides with her mother in Utah while visiting her father in Arizona as scheduling allows.

Christine’s soon-to-be husband, David, has eight children of his own. While David disclosed that six of his children are married, and two of them are single, he doesn’t offer any information about whether any of them are minors and still living at home.

However, he did state that not all of his kids are comfortable being in the spotlight, and he wants to be respectful of that.

Despite how many live in the home full-time, Christine has said there is plenty of room for visitors, and it’s a guarantee that her children who live nearby, including Mykelti, her husband Tony, and their three children, son Paedon, and daughter Aspyn and her husband Mitch, will be around frequently to visit.

Her children living out of state, Ysabel and Gwendlyn, will have a place to lay their heads when they come home to their mother’s house.

With Christine’s fondness for the holidays and tradition, this new home will likely be filled with loving memories. In planning for the future, she and David are working to create a backyard paradise. Complete with a playground for the grandchildren and a bar area for entertaining; they will have equal opportunities indoors and out for family gatherings and parties.

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