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1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Disapproves Amy’s New BF! Claims He Is ‘Terrible’ & ‘Horrible’ With Children

The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride for the 1000 Lb Sisters family. Amy decided to end her full-fledged marriage with Michael, while Tammy ended up losing her husband, Caleb. Both of them have been trying their best to move on from the dynamics and carry on with their lives.

However, amid all this, viewers were in shock to know that Tammy had completely disapproved of her sister’s new beau. Not only this, but she also revealed that Amy’s boyfriend is ‘terrible’ and ‘horrible’ with kids. Is this true?

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Claims Amy’s Boyfriend Is Horrible With Her Kids

1000 Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton recently underwent a chaotic split. She had a lawsuit against Michael for months until they mutually decided to resolve their issues. However, viewers were expecting them to reconcile, but they soon got to know about the celeb’s new love interest.

As per the current scenario, Amy is back in the dating realm and is with a new man named Tony Rodgers. There have been several reports claiming that their relationship is getting serious now. But it seems that Tammy doesn’t like this new bond at all!

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1000 lb sisters

Recently, TheSun revealed that Tammy feels Tony is “a piece of c**p.” She believes that Amy is actually “rushing into the relationship” and should take her own time after her divorce. The source further claimed that Tony is spending a lot of time with Amy’s sons these days.

But Tammy thinks that he is “terrible” with Glenn and Gage. Earlier as well, the insider stated that she feels that this couple “fights” all the time. Moreover, the celeb allegedly believes “Tony does nothing but live off of Amy.” Hence, it is evident that Tammy isn’t really happy with Amy’s new beau and perhaps considers him to be a rebound.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy & Tony Have Moved In Together! Their Relationship Is Getting Serious?

Initially, 1000 Lb Sisters fans were concerned about Amy. They wondered how she would be coping with her chaotic custody battle. But it seems that the celeb has already moved on with her life and is perhaps in a serious relationship as well.

Viewers considered Amy’s bond with Tony as just a rebound and didn’t take it seriously. But soon, a source confirmed that things are getting really serious between them now. Apparently, it’s been more than “three months” since Amy and Tony have been dating each other.

1000 lb sisters

Though Amy is serious when it comes to Tony, she is a bit hesitant to make her relationship public. The latter is from Battle Creek, Michigan, and used to make numerous visits until he ended up moving in with the reality TV star. Moreover, the celeb was even spotted calling Tony “daddy.”

Hence, if Amy has started to consider him as the father of her children, then it is evident that Amy is taking her relationship really seriously now. On the other hand, Michael is totally out of the picture while he stays in constant touch with his sons despite everything.

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