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1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton’s Friend Is Worried About Her SMOKING Habit!

Amy Slaton has been going through a very rough phase in her life. She recently finalized her divorce from Michael Halterman. The 1000 Lb Sisters celeb has been living without him and her two kids, Glenn and Gage, in their Kentucky home. However, it appears that the mom-of-two has returned to her old unhealthy habits. The reality TV celeb has resumed filming for the new season.

However, fans were shocked to spot Amy indulging in smoking and vaping simultaneously. Amy has worked hard to reach her weight loss goals. But she surprised her fans after no improvement by sticking to such unhealthy habits in the last few months. Now, it appears that the TLC celeb has gone to an extreme level when it comes to her smoking addiction. Why is her friend concerned?

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy’s Friend Reveals Big Change In Her Life!

Amy Slaton joined the series when she couldn’t control her eating habits. She worked hard to drop lots of weight to lead a normal life. The reality TV celeb left all the unhealthy habits, including smoking and vaping, to cut down the extra weight from her body, especially during her pregnancy.

Amy has been spotted several times with cigarettes and vapes around her kids. Recently, she was in a similar situation again during her trip to Atlanta for the filming of the new season. According to RadarOnline, Amy’s friend spilled concerning news about the 1000 Lb Sisters star.

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She claimed that Amy has been “smoking like a chimney” and is up to two packs a day. The insider went on to reveal that nicotine had taken over Amy’s life. Also, the latter added that Amy can’t sit still without lighting up a cigarette, and she’s puffing away at any social occasion and vaping, too.

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Further, the reality ‘TV star’s friend explained that Amy avoided certain situations where she couldn’t smoke. Also, the insider expressed that her friend would rather drive 1000 miles than take a plane. The source went on to claim that smoking has become her appetite suppressant.

Also, Amy can’t even get through a small meal without getting some nicotine. Further, the source revealed that the 1000 Lb Sisters lost an immense amount of weight with this unhealthy habit. Also, her friend thinks that the TLC star is opening doors for life-threatening diseases with her addiction.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Finally Settles Her Divorce Case With Michael Haltherman!

Amy Slaton has been making headlines again for new changes. She had been butting heads with her husband, Michael Halterman, for six months about divorce. The reality TV celeb also charged him with domestic violence claims.

Also, the 1000 Lb Sisters couple had been fighting for their children’s custody. Now it appears that the reality TV stars have finally settled their matter after the messy split. As per reports, the two have been given a shared parenting schedule after Amy dropped all the charges against him.
1000 Lb Sisters

Moreover, the court has advised Amy and Michael to follow all the terms and conditions of the agreement. Seemingly, the former demanded an emergency protective order for her kids against her husband. But they have now agreed to part ways after dropping all the charges.

Now, fans are waiting to see Amy’s new love interest after she stirred rumors about her new live-in relationship

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